Laptop revived!

Thanks for waiting!

So the problem was my operating system was corrupted, and the laptop vents gave out too. Which is why they needed another two or so days to fix it. But now my laptop’s repaired, we are back in business!

Also, I realise it is Easter soon and all, and I was going to drag this ’til then to release it as a goodie, but I decided not to anyway. Why? Because I was procrastinating, reading a novel and didn’t TL for a week, so my stockpile’s not looking quite good.

Anyway, here are the two chapters of “Rebirth of MC”. I recommend reading the TLer’s note at the end of chapter 176.
Chapters 175 + 176

And, of course, we can’t forget the other project (“It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male Lead”). So without further ado, here’s:
Arc 2: Zombie Apocalypse

…Unexpected bad news…

That’s my current mood right now. My laptop unexpected died (as it blacked up and refused to turn on anymore), so I am posting this from my tablet. The good news, I backed everything up, so I still have my translations (thank god). The bad news, my tablet doesn’t have an SD card reader so I can’t post the chapters until I get my laptop back, which will be Monday 9am (GMT+8).

Yes, that means the promised chapters from both ongoing projects will be posted then.

Please don’t egg this poor translator…

Happy Lunar New Year!

To my lovely readers, Happy Lunar New Year!


I’ve decided to do a mass release of Chapters 97 to 106 today in celebration. Also to tide you over as I would not be able to release chapters tomorrow (the 17th of Feb) due to events.

(❀∩´◔‿ゝ◔`⑅)⊃―☆ *’“*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・♡♪+*.

Unfortunately, since this is a scheduled release (will be too busy to sit in front of the computer for the entire day) the chapters are not linked to each other. It will be a tad inconvenient, and for that I apologise. I will definitely link all the “Previous” and “Next” as soon as I can. For now, only the “Tables of Contents” will be linked.

But other than that, enjoy!

Best wishes to all,


I’m back ~

To everyone who waited out this rather relatively long hiatus of mine, thank you! Either way, I am back now and will post 1-2 chapters of “Rebirth of MC” daily again. However, for those who are waiting on “Qinglian Chronicles” I have decided to put that on a backburner. I probably should have read the raws finished first before picking projects up because I heard spoilers about how there are some…non-consensual acts later in “Qinglian Chronicles” so that made me pause. I might continue it, I might not. We’ll see.

However, I will definitely continue “Rebirth of MC”. So, here’s:

Chapters 16 – 25 of “Rebirth of MC”

Please pardon my absence

I apologise for disappearing for a couple of months and not giving words about what happened. Long story short, I had finals, graduation ceremonies, extracurricular activities and work cramped into my schedule, all of which busied me to the point I was only able to translate a couple of sentences during my rare breaks. I didn’t feel like putting out a chapter every few days and thought I could post a handful of chapters in one go when I had the time.

Needless to say, Christmas came along and in between now and the New Year, I am busy moving house. And because I have bad service where I am, my internet connection will be off until the 10th of January. This frustrates me to no end, but what can I do. Hence, I decided to post these two chapters of “Rebirth of MC” in order to partly hope to tide you lovely people over until the 11th and partly to announce that I’m not dropping it (and that I’m still alive and kicking).

But once again, I apologise for making you all wait so long.