I’ve actually helped edit some works on and off on Livejournal but decided to move to WordPress when I start my own translations as the layout over there seems a bit hectic for me.

I don’t have a set editor to help me review my works because I mostly translate novels that catch my interest and/or ones that are finished but no one has yet to pick them up. I don’t promise regular or set updates as my work life can be rather busy at random intervals so all I ask is please bear with me ^-^””. I will mostly translate Chinese novels as I have less confidence in Japanese and Korean.

  • Current projects:
    • 重生之或跃在渊 (Rebirth of MC)
    • 想做男配其实也不容易 (It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to Be a Supporting Male Character )
  • Hiatus:
    • 青莲记事 (Qinglian Chronicle)
  • Dropped project(s):
    • None yet