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Chapter 5.7

Although threats were delivered very clearly via silent communication, Sui Yuan ultimately decides to follow Wang Yican since he has fully recovered. After all, it doesn’t matter how reluctant Liu Mingzhou is to let him go, the man has no valid reasons to steal his student’s pet for his own.

Naturally, Liu Mingzhou has plans to work around this obstacle. After expressing his willingness to take care of Sui Yuan for Wang Yican whenever she is busy, Sui Yuan is sent to the devil’s lair every few days to be ‘looked after’.

Because Liu Mingzhou cleanly and efficiently severed this ambiguous ‘teacher-student romance’ route, Wang Yican’s blossoming crush on him wasn’t given a chance to mature, mercilessly chopped down by his strict attitude. Following the logical path, she gives up on this impossible path and grasps another peach branch, skipping down the puppy-love route featuring these two desk mates. Of course, when one’s romantic interest is a peer, the couple will go out and play together.

Initially, Wang Yican felt a little embarrassed as she handed Sui Yuan over to Liu Mingzhou before leaving for her date. However, when she saw no traces of annoyance on her teacher’s face but delight instead, the burden in her heart vanishes. Eventually, she brings Sui Yuan over to Liu Mingzhou’s house so often that the Samoyed might as well be one of the man’s pets.

Sui Yuan feels that his concerns are getting harder and harder to put into words…

Soon, winter vacation passes and the second semester of senior high school commences. Even if the ‘teacher-student romance’ route has been destroyed, Sui Yuan stubbornly persists in following his character’s storyline. For example, stealthily slipping out of the house to ‘seek his owner’ in school on a certain day, and so forth.

Needless to say, these events don’t result in the development of loving emotions between the male and female lead. Rather, the sole outcome of Sui Yuan’s actions is Liu Mingzhou deciding to bring him to his workplace from that time onwards, making man and dog seem inseparable!

As for why Liu Mingzhou can bring a pet to school without being reprimanded? It’s because he is the son of this school’s principal. Faced with the author’s blatant leniency towards the male lead, Sui Yuan can only roll his eyes, too lazy to even roast it.

Since the time Liu Mingzhou begins to bring Sui Yuan with him everywhere, in everyone’s eyes, the Samoyed’s owner is Liu Mingzhou and not Wang Yican. Because the latter is now growing closer to Sun Jie, her life has become busy, hands full with maintaining a relationship, completing schoolwork and studying. Therefore, Liu Mingzhou found a chance to purchase Sui Yuan from Wang Yican, officially becoming his owner.

And a very unfortunate Sui Yuan finally reaches adulthood at this moment, experiencing a rut for the first time in his life.

When he first gave into his animal instincts, failing to control himself and circles around a pretty female dog, Liu Mingzhou’s terrifying expression is comparable to the King of Hell’s. Face dark and unsightly, he immediately drags Sui Yuan home, fiercely slamming the door behind him.

Fur standing on end, Sui Yuan curls pitifully in a corner of the living room, stiffening in fright as Liu Mingzhou’s gaze sweeps thoughtfully over his lower half. One thought fills his mind: that he will perhaps experience unmentionable mental trauma and suffer heavily in the near future.

Laying lazily on top of a high cabinet, the Nightmare beast swishes its tail in anticipation as it watches a good play unfolding below. The Crystal beast immediately hops over to Sui Yuan’s side, attempting to conceal its master behind its several-times-smaller body and obstruct Liu Mingzhou’s sight. It’s a shame that such an act is futile from the very beginning.

“I’ll take you to the clinic, or you control yourself better. Pick one,” Liu Mingzhou states softly as he squats down before Sui Yuan, his shadow enveloping the dog in a mildly threatening loom.

Sui Yuan wags his tail twice, expressing his determination in picking the second choice. He believes that as long as the threat of castration is hanging over his head, he will certainly be able to suppress his doggy instincts! At worst…at worst, he will remain at home and lessen the period of time he spends outside. And if he smells a female dog, he will definitely run the opposite way immediately! He wouldn’t even entertain the thought of taking one step closer!

Liu Mingzhou’s expression lightens. Reaching out to pull the cheeping Crystal beast to one side, he tugs on the collar around Sui Yuan’s neck, making the dog pad closer to him.

Now more than a year old, the Samoyed has already reached full maturity. Hence, one cannot lift it up and hold it in their arms whenever they please like before, which is a tad regretful for Liu Mingzhou, as in this world, he is a mere human man with no gifts of extraordinary strength or the like.

Wrapping his arms around Sui Yuan’s furry neck, he scratches the top of the dog’s head. “This is your final chance.”

Shaking off Liu Mingzhou’s loose hold, Sui Yuan raises up on his hind legs, placing his front paws on the man’s shoulders and proceeds to lick his face enthusiastically as payback. As Liu Mingzhou is momentarily taken back, he throws most of his bodyweight forward, succeeding in knocking the half-kneeling man off-balance.

With a large dog on his chest, pinning him to the soft rug covering the floor, Liu Mingzhou looks particularly vulnerable. Glasses slightly askew, one can clearly see the gentle smile in his black pupils. Sui Yuan’s mind blanks and he lowers his head, using his wet, pink tongue to lick the man’s lips, cheek, neck and collarbone. Only until his brain kick-starts again does he realise Liu Mingzhou’s clothes is now in disarray due to his actions, and he has been rubbing his lower body against a jean-clad thigh all this while.


Sui Yuan’s doggy mind collapses as soon as he becomes aware of his actions. Rut period is too savage! Having this urge when faced with a female dog is still all right since they are the same type of animal, but why did he expose such shameful behaviours even in front of Liu Mingzhou?!

Seeing the dog on his chest freeze mid-motion, shell-shock and despair surfacing in the Samoyed’s dark eyes, Liu Minzhou, who was ‘taken advantage of’ by his beloved pet merely smiles. Curling an arm around the dog’s neck, he leans forward and speaks quietly next to a pointed ear. “Really want to kill you…”

Sui Yuan has no doubts this sentence is authentic!

After saying that, he pats Sui Yuan’s stiff flank, hinting for him to get off. Sui Yuan moves without the slightest hesitation, a gloomy aura wrapped around him. However, before he can take one step away, he is hauled back by a hand hooked in his collar. Thus, Sui Yuan can only renounce his plan to crouch in a corner and reflect on his terrible behaviour, laying down obediently next to Liu Mingzhou.

“Actually, I have been looking through quite a bit of material recently.” Liu Mingzhou lifts a hand to stroke Sui Yuan’s fur. After devoting so much time and effort tending to him, Sui Yuan’s snow-white fur is fluffy and soft, appearing impossibly sleek and perfect. Anyone who sees it will inwardly praise that this Samoyed is extremely beautiful. There were quite a few instances where owners of other dogs ‘propositioned’ Sui Yuan to be a sperm-donor, but they were all unceremoniously refused by Liu Mingzhou.

…Objectively speaking, Sui Yuan is the most handsome stud in the dog world. As long as he is willing, Sui Yuan will be able to find many females willing to carry his pups during his rut periods. This way, he doesn’t have to repress his sexual instincts and unconsciously make a move on Liu Mingzhou.

Naturally, Sui Yuan is still unable to completely immerse himself in the role of a dog and bring himself touch other female dogs that way…

Tilting his head, Sui Yuan watches silently as Liu Mingzhou retrieves a laptop from the low table, placing it on his lap and open a folder. Full of curiosity, Sui Yuan stares at the screen as a succession on txt files reveal numerous video clips. One close look at the names of these clips cause Sui Yuan’s eyeballs to explode! Thoroughly shocked, he snaps his head around to pin the smiling Liu Mingzhou with an incredulous gaze. He can’t help but wish he could claw out his inquisitive heart as his eyes unconsciously drift back to the monitor.

Sui Yuan: “……”

“Human’s imagination can be so warped it honestly leaves me speechless. Man x animal, animal x man. Of course, I have already deleted those in the latter category,” Liu Mingzhou says, still all smiles even as he laments over his pet’s body being tensed and stiff, obviously shocked silly.

The fact that you initiatively look this up leaves me speechless! Sui Yuan feels that his three views hasn’t been toppled this time. Rather, it’s been annihilated and ground to dust. But perhaps he is not the only victim here, for he speculates that Liu Mingzhou also experienced the same thing…

“……According to my vows, I will absolutely not say a single bad word about him ever again,” 5237’s voice is extremely desolate and withered. Afterwards, it waves its arm a little, stealthily copying the folder from Liu Mingzhou’s laptop.

– It is simply thirsty for new knowledge! Really! This is all for research purposes!

Sui Yuan shifts a little uneasily, feeling that remaining at Liu Mingzhou’s side would be perilous to his health. Although he is well-aware enduring a strong desire and restraining oneself from acting on it is something not everyone is capable of – like him failing to repress his instincts during his first rut ordeal – he absolutely doesn’t want to touch anything pertaining to those intense contents in the file!

“Do you want to try? I’ve researched it already. Everything in this file should be in line with reality, so it is safe to practise with,” Liu Mingzhou’s tone is teasing, but cares a trace of seriousness within.

Making a firm decision, Sui Yuan shakes off his arm, turning around and fleeing to the corner of the living room as far away from Liu Mingzhou as possible. Sitting upright on his hunches, he stares fixedly at the elegant, beast-like man sitting before the computer.

Liu Mingzhou doesn’t move, merely closing the laptop, returning Sui Yuan’s cautious look with a patient and helpless one. The silence stretches for a short moment, then he chuckles lightly. “All right, enough. There’s no need to be so nervous. I was only joking.”

Sui Yuan remains taciturn, not relaxing in the slightest.

“So long as you are unwilling, I will not force you.” Liu Mingzhou’s smile vanishes, replaced by a solemn, serious tone. Probably sensing Sui Yuan is still very tense, he doesn’t try approaching. “I promise.”

Slowly, Sui Yuan’s bunched muscles loosen slightly, but doesn’t move from his spot.

“Everything I said just now is not to disrespect you, but I simply wanted to tell you…I want you very much. This desire cannot be restrained no matter how much I wish to. Even if you are a dog in this world, I still like you.” A restless sigh escapes his lips. “I like you so much I even went and look up things I abhorred before, chaotic thoughts running through my mind like a pervert. I sincerely thought about killing you too. That way, I can put an end to my suffering and enter the next world quickly…”

Sui Yuan fidgets restlessly. Although Liu Mingzhou’s words fill him with horror, it doesn’t invoke disgust or loathing, which leaves him feeling quite confused.

“I will respect you and will restrain myself so I never do anything untoward to you. Equally, I cannot bring myself to kill you, so…” Liu Mingzhou trails off.

Sui Yuan’s ears can’t help perking up in interest.

“Just like you experiencing your first rut upon maturing, I am the same whenever I am around you. I have already endured for more than a year – in no way am I living a happier life than you are right now.” A faint smile curves his lips again, pupils dark but gentle. “Therefore, even if it’s difficult, we can overcome this obstacle together. I am willing to wait until we enter the next world.”

Sui Yuan: “……”

Brother, concluding such an intense, hefty topic with such optimistic words…is it really not a problem?!

“All right, let’s end the talk here today.” Liu Mingzhou exhales heavily, standing up slowly so as to avoid startling Sui Yuan.

Due to his form-fitting jeans, the bulge in his pants is rather obvious when he stands. Evidently, Sui Yuan’s actions just now managed to spark his flames, and said fire has yet to be extinguished up until now. Sui Yuan follows the man with his eyes as he enters the bathroom and closes the door. Tilting his head in puzzlement, Sui Yuan silently wonders what Liu Mingzhou is doing in there. Nonetheless, he quickly loses interest and rests his head on his front paws, feeling an oddly warm sensation flooding his being.

Ignorance is truly a blessing. But thanks to a certain someone, Sui Yuan is forcefully compelled to leave his ‘foolish ignorance’ and ‘childhood innocence’ behind. Now, he has to step into the adult world and share in their various concerns…

The author has something to say: I’m wrong! Never will I declare that I am a clean, innocent writer!

…Bloody hell, I was very serious in making this arc pure fluff ah! But the story got out of hand and I couldn’t rein it in! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

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24 thoughts on “IANEWtbaSML 5.7

  1. After the previous arc Zhao Xihe’s confession about being respectful and not wanting to force Sui Yuan isn’t very credible. This arc traumatized me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish Reborn into a Hamster for 233 days since I don’t feel like reading anything with a non-humanoid protagonist right now.

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  2. “This is all for research purposes!”
    Yea, we know that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But talking seriously, zoofilia is actually more common than we think……. *remember what the professor -who is also a reporter- brought to discuss in class*…….. each strange things we hear………

    Liked by 12 people

  3. We never had any morals. I discovered bestiality while casually searching for some new fanfiction and got all my morality destroyed. I’m not surprised by anything these days. The kind of horror inducing stuff I found on fanfiction , nothing can top that .

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  4. savemysoulll says:

    I’m too scared to finish this chapter- I stopped half way through and scrolled straight towards the comments for some reassurance……………….. #tootramuatizedtofinishreading #lightingacandleforsuiyuan

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  5. Doririn says:

    Actually I liked this chapter very much. It shows how much ZX loves SY. No matter what form he takes, SY will still be SY and ZX will love him for who he is. He (ZX) wants to be with him (SY), spent his life(s) with him and, well as it is human nature, also have sex with him. And of course it’s driving him crazy that now they are from different races and it would be super strange to do anything, but he can’t help himself to still love him and considere things he thought of as disgusting before. I think this is proven by his statement, when he explains his “research”:

    “I like you so much I even went and look up things I abhorred before, chaotic thoughts running through my mind like a pervert. I sincerely thought about killing you too. That way, I can put an end to my suffering and enter the next world quickly…”

    Thanks for the translation! I think this might become one of my favourite novels ❤

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  6. LazyPanda says:

    “It is simply thirsty for new knowledge! Really! This is all for research purposes!”

    That’s when I said before reading my first BL.


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