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Chapter 5.2

Calling the garden below the apartment a large flowerbed instead would be more suitable. However, due to Sui Yuan’s current body being that of a delicate, soft puppy, he cannot run far away even if he is allowed to go out for fresh air. At most, he can only circle around the most secure location in the garden and stretch his muscles.

It is pretty evident early on that Sun Jie agreed to walk their dogs together on the same day because he wants to spend more time with her. Preferably without their dogs in the way. Sui Yuan doesn’t care either way, keeping himself busy by wandering around aimlessly near Wang Yican’s feet. On the other hand, the leashed husky by Sun Jie’s side fixed its gaze on Sui Yuan, like a tiger watching its prey. Only the cord around its neck prevents it from leaping forward, forcing it to remain obediently by its owner’s side.

A year-old male husky can already be said to have reached its full maturity, and its huge size causes Sui Yuan enormous pressure. He is able to accept needing to lift his head to look up at humans, as they are no threat to him. Rather, they fall over themselves trying to pat him. However, staring up at a husky several times bigger and bulkier than himself is rather intimidating.

Truth be told, a husky with blue eyes like this is extremely pretty, black and white fur spread out distinctly. The two white spots above its eyes where its eyebrows are located gives it a very spirited look. Its name is Adrienne, and one can tell by looking at its sleek, gleaming coat that it is clearly being very well taken care of. While it carries itself with a graceful, kingly air, its bright eyes betray its naïve inquisitiveness, like that of an innocent child.

Sui Yuan stares at the husky, cautious of its fervent gaze even as he sticks close to Wang Yican’s feet, afraid that the larger dog will snatch him up and carry him away between its jaws the moment he leaves the safe zone. As a result, Wang Yican doesn’t dare move even a single step for fear that she might accidentally step on her tiny, treasured pet. Her heart will certainly break if something befalls it.

Seeing the girl he likes paying her undivided attention to the weak little puppy at her feet, Sun Jie feels a little jealous and immediately lets his husky off its leash. If the dogs play together happily, Wang Yican wouldn’t be so worried anymore.

Not waiting for its owner’s command, the husky relishes in its newfound freedom, tail wagging furiously as it springs towards Sui Yuan. Greatly startled, Sui Yuan involuntarily emits a soft yelp, turning around and dashing away from Wang Yican’s legs.

Evidently, Sui Yuan’s actions attract the lively husky, who catches up to Sui Yuan in two or three bounds and proceeds to run alongside him. As the larger dog circles his much smaller self ceaselessly, it sniffs all over Sui Yuan’s small body. Having never experienced such a ‘passionate’ greeting from a complete stranger, Sui Yuan huddles into a tight ball, steadfastly ignoring 5237 hovering above him and shouting encouragements, refusing to move an inch even when the system turns to jeers of, “You are a human actor, why are you scared of a mere dog?”

……Goddamn! With such a large mouth filled with sharp teeth filling one’s vision, it is able to scare anyone shitless, all right?! Comparing their size and build, he is pretty sure the other dog would be able to swallow him whole in one bite!

“……Is Little Snow all right? He seems to be afraid…” Wang Yican, who is constantly keeping an eye on her pet dog and its interaction with the husky, asks worriedly.

“Relax, Adrienne has a good personality, so he wouldn’t be harmed. It’s just your dog is slightly afraid of strangers. Give it a while to familiarise itself and all will be well!” Sun Jie laughingly comforts his classmate, extremely satisfied with his house pet’s way of handling things.

Wang Yican nods her head, feeling a little relieved, successfully convinced from walking over to rescue Sui Yuan, who has encountered a ‘crisis’. After all, she can tell that Sun Jie’s husky doesn’t hold any malice towards her beloved puppy, merely wanting to play with Little Snow.

Holding firm to his belief of “wouldn’t move if the enemy doesn’t, if the enemy moves…keep absolutely still”, Sui Yuan’s foremost thought is to protect his vulnerable belly and throat. Hence, he curls in on himself as best he can, resembling a fluffy white ball. Meanwhile, the husky persistently tries all ways to make him stand up and play with it. At last, it wriggles its muzzle beneath Sui Yuan’s abdomen, flipping him onto his back like a tortoise who has withdrawn into its shell.

As he has yet to fully become accustomed to controlling a dog’s body, Sui Yuan is instantly thrown off-balance. He tumbles twice before he finally manages to scramble miserably to his feet. Before he can stand firmly, one of the husky’s front paws darts out towards him.

The somewhat forceful pat causes Sui Yuan to lose his balance again, rolling head over heels three or four times before coming to a stop. Dazed and dizzy, he staggers around for a short while, then sprawls out on the grass with legs shot out in four directions.

The pitiful, slightly foolish antics of the poor, bullied puppy is clearly entertaining the two dog owners watching over their pets. Sun Jie laughs unrestrainedly, and Wang Yican also can’t help smiling despite the worry lingering in her heart. She jogs over with the intention of picking up her beloved pet, but someone beat her to it, stooping down to carry the soft, powerless Samoyed pup up.

The feeling of someone’s hands beneath his tummy is a little uncomfortable, but he can only stare blankly as the ground moves further and further away from him, a sense of fright rising involuntarily. Although he has experience in acting quite a few villainous and aggressive roles, he mainly relied on the fact that the characters’ base foundation already surpasses almost everyone else. Now, however, Sui Yuan is a young pup that can be easily squished to death, so the number of things that can scare him has increased significantly.

Locking his muscles and not daring to move an inch due to fear of slipping and falling to the ground, Sui Yuan only heaves a sigh of relief when he feels himself being embraced in a safe, secure hold. Turning his head, he wishes to see who exactly picked him up.

This unknown person is clearly familiar with dogs, for the fingers stroking through his fur is extremely comfortable, neither too hard nor too light. The arm around him is strong and steady, but relaxed and full of tenderness. Complying with his doggy-instincts, Sui Yuan wags his tail, whining in pleasure as fingers scratch his chin, eyes narrowed in delight. However, his movements abruptly freeze as soon as he catches sight of the mysterious person’s face.

“T – teacher!” Wan Yican startles, then rushes over to greet him.

Sun Jie stops laughing and follows along, a trace of displeasure on his face as he gives a more reserved greeting. “Teacher Liu.”

“Hello.” This world’s male lead, Liu Mingzhou smiles and nods his head in return, patting the husky who sidled up and is making a supreme effort to sniff the Samoyed pup in his arms with his free hand. “Out to walk your dogs?”

“Yes,” Wan Yican replies, a blush staining her cheeks. Wanting to reach out and claim her puppy from him but not wishing to seem discourteous, she can only fiddle with the hem of her shirt.

“Teacher Liu, why are you here too? Do you live in the neighbourhood?” Unlike the female lead, Sun Jie is more relaxed, extending a hand to draw his husky away from the older man so the dog does not continue disturbing Liu Mingzhou.

“That’s right, I live in the vicinity and come here for a walk occasionally,” Liu Mingzhou replies with a nod, scrutinising Sun Jie with an unreadable gaze, causing the student’s scalp to feel somewhat numb. Subconsciously, he wonders if he did something wrong, and his form teacher has managed to grab him by the pigtails.

Fortunately, Liu Mingzhou’s eyes move away from him quickly and land on Wang Yican. Reaching out, he places the snow white pup in her arms and warns gently, “Be a little more careful. Your Samoyed puppy is still small, so it might bruise it if allowed to rough-house with the larger husky.”

“Got it, thank you, Teacher!” Wang Yican immediately embraces her pet carefully, smoothing down his rumpled fur.

Because Liu Mingzhou advised her not to, Wan Yican will naturally not allow her beloved pet to rough-house with Sun Jie’s husky anymore, refusing to put him down until the larger dog is placed back on the leash.

Without the threat of the husky looming over him, Sui Yuan bestirs himself, standing steadily on his own four feet and shaking his body. Walking in a tight circle twice to test his physical condition out, he keeps an eye on the still-smiling Liu Mingzhou in his peripheral vision, who is now seated on a stone bench and watching his two students attentively.

“Sure enough, his first target is Sun Jie,” 5237 states somewhat smugly. “Hehehe…there’s no way he will think that you are actually in the body of a dog!”

Sui Yuan doesn’t reply, feeling a little relieved, but a little tangled up. This new sensation leaves him confused, unclear about what his emotions are trying to tell him.

Sun Jie and Wang Yican are chatting very happily. Sui Yuan didn’t really pay attention to the conversation, but something exchanged between them causes Wang Yican to laugh until she can’t straighten. Sun Jie sheepishly scratches the back of his head and blinks, carrying the typical, clumsy, awkward air of a young boy standing before the girl he likes.

Although Liu Mingzhou’s kind smile never falters, his pupils darken, emitting a downcast aura. In this world, he is again gifted with handsome, scholarly features, with a gold-wire framed spectacles over his knowing eyes filled with wisdom and a slender figure, he resembles a painting just by sitting on the stone bench, surrounded by flowers. Nonetheless, Sui Yuan’s instincts tell him to beware of an approaching crisis.

Apparently sensing Sui Yuan’s stare, Liu Mingzhou’s eyes move from Sun Jie and Wang Yican to him. Sui Yuan subconsciously wags his tail in response, awkwardly retreating half a step.

The snow white pup’s eyes are warm and friendly, glistening with a pure and limpid light. Liu Mingzhou blinks blankly at it for a second as though recalling something. His expression immediately softens after and he rises from the bench, crouching down facing it, one hand extended outwards as though calling the dog over.

Sui Yuan takes a step forward, then pauses, not knowing if he should express such intimacy with a supposed stranger.

Seemingly knowing the reason for the dog’s hesitation, Liu Mingzhou merely retains the soft smile on his face, crouching patiently there on the grass. Sui Yuan can’t help but feel he would be terribly guilty if he refused to get closer and leave the other hanging. Moreover, a small voice within him is urging him to approach. Perhaps it is instinct, perhaps it is a deeply ingrained habit, or maybe it is something else entirely…

Thus, after three whole minutes of dithering, the Samoyed puppy inches towards Liu Mingzhou. Bowing his head to sniff the outstretched palm as though determining if it is safe or not, his fluffy tail wags leisurely.

Liu Mingzhou keeps his movements easy and relaxed, not giving the sensitive puppy who is afraid of strangers any unnecessary pressure. Slender fingers run lightly over the white fur, gently at first to test him out. Seeing the puppy doesn’t shy away from or refuse the touch, the strokes become bolder. Feeling extremely contented, Sui Yuan unconsciously leans forward more, all but delivering himself into Liu Mingzhou’s hand.

Now that the puppy’s wariness has reached zero around him, Liu Mingzhou picks him up with a satisfied smile, returning back to the stone bench before placing it on his knee. Sui Yuan’s human predisposition have been completely suppressed by his animal instincts, tail wagging vigorously under the man’s skilful caresses.

Unable to bear watching this scene, 5237 turns its head away, inwardly thinking that placing Sui Yuan into the body of a dog is actually not such a good idea after all. His IQ is originally pretty low. Making him play the part of a dog…has actually resulted in him becoming more stupid!

It’s a shame that Sui Yuan cannot hear his system’s silent curses as he immerses himself in enjoying Liu Mingzhou’s pats. He is even oblivious to it when the man flips him over onto his back, exposing his tummy. Only when the fingers scratching his neck and wander down to his abdomen abruptly freezes does he realise something is amiss.

Cocking his head to the side, Sui Yuan stares at Liu Mingzhou, confused about why the other stopped so suddenly. As the short silence stretches, he notices Liu Mingzhou’s gaze is lowered, directed towards an odd region.

“It seems, this is a boy…” Liu Mingzhou chuckles lightly, cheerfully meeting Sui Yuan apprehensive eyes. At the same time, a finger pokes his private part lightly.

Sui Yuan stiffens, rendered absolutely speechless by that single action.

As a dog met with such a situation, could he yell “molester!”?

The author has something to say: Come, come, come! Those who bet that the husky is the male lead, pay up!! Really don’t know why anyone will think that! I clearly said that Zhao Xihe is the male lead, and the male lead is the teacher! In what BG world (with normal, non-shifter humans) would the male lead be a dog?! It’s too illogical! The holes in your brains are bigger than mine!

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