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Please note: There is written smut in the latter half of this chapter, hence it is labelled as R18+/mature. But that’s what most of you readers are here for anyway…

Chapter 4.12

What happens next is full of confusion and chaos. Completely out of his depth, Sui Yuan is reduced to a mere spectator, unable to get involved.

At long last, the Demonic Ruler whom the poor Demonic Cultivators deem as their saviour arrives to the desperate cries of the badly-beaten group. As the sole cultivator in the almighty Blood Lust[1] stage, this individual is just one step away from becoming a Demon God. Having received admiration and respect for the longest time, he naturally looks down on Xuan Ling, who has only just broken through to the later stage before Ascension. As a result, he is beaten down in no time, suffering a sound defeat.

It is at this moment that the distant Heavenly Cosmos and Heavenly Element sect receive news from Shen Jiayi and Shao Peiyuan. Finally sensing that Xuan Ling’s spiritual signature is acting oddly, the leaders of these two brother sects gather their Elders without delay, hurrying towards the Demonic Cultivator’s domain. Eventually, under the combined might of the Elders and the Demon Ruler, they manage to suppress the berserk Xuan Ling.

Although every living Demonic Cultivator present deeply resents the fact that more than half their strongest fell to the blade of one man, they are equally afraid. Additionally, the Demon Ruler is heavily injured and it would be folly to try picking a fight with so many Elders. Powerless to stand against the group of Righteous Cultivators, they can only stare silently as Xuan Ling is brought away. In their hearts, they vow to never speak of this moment again.

Of course, Sui Yuan is also brought back by the Elders. It’s just that due to everyone’s concentration focused on keeping Xuan Ling suppressed but unharmed all the way back to the sect, no one else besides Shen Jiayi and Shao Peiyuan pays him any attention.

As soon as they return to the Heavenly Cosmos sect, Xuan Ling is imprisoned in the cave located behind the mountain. Confined with spiritual energy suppressing tools and layers upon layers of arrays laid out around the area. Assuming he wouldn’t be able to return to his senses for a short while yet, everyone assembles in order to consult each other about appropriate measures to deal with this situation.

As the sole eyewitness to the entire event, Sui Yuan is naturally called to attendance and requested to recount what happened. Explaining everything in detail from the beginning to the end, he confirms that Xuan Ling indeed succumbed to his inner demons due to love and consequently losing his conscience.

Listening to Sui Yuan’s words, the sect leader heaves a deep, heavy sigh. He noticed a problem surfacing in Xuan Ling’s cultivation long ago, and knew this day will come sooner or later. However, he didn’t expect it to come so suddenly, or for Xuan Ling’s reaction to be this intense, leaving him no time to prepare. Surely, when He Lianyu kidnapped Shen Jiayi with the intention of turning her into a furnace, he struck a chord in Xuan Ling, resulting in the Elder exploding with rage.

Since things have deteriorated to this extent, they can only give him what his heart craves, permitting him to slake his desire. After Xuan Ling calms, they will discuss what’s to be done. Thinking up until here, the sect leader confers with his Elders before his eyes fall on the anxious and nervous Shen Jiayi. “Since that’s the case, then you will immediately enter the cave and seek out your master.”

Shen Jiayi startles in alarm. It takes another few seconds for the sect leader’s words to sink in and can’t help a wave of disbelief from rising. Does the sect leader mean her master fell from the Righteous Path due to his love for her?!

Shen Jiayi doesn’t feel that Xuan Ling is even a little bit in love with her. But since the sect leader and Elders have made a decision, and Sui Yuan’s words confirming her master has succumbed to his inner demons, Shen Jiayi’s belief wavers a little. Perhaps she is a little slow when it comes to feelings, which is why she never noticed her master’s regards?

Firstly, her Senior Martial Brother took risks on her behalf, exchanging his life for hers. Then her master trod on the Demonic Path because of her. If she doesn’t take responsibility now, she would be a dishonourable, cruel person. Composing herself, she meets Sui Yuan’s anticipating but hesitant gaze before closing her eyes resolutely, then bows to the sect leader. “Disciple understands.”

Seeing Shen Jiayi withdraw from the temple without glancing back, Sui Yuan swallows the protest he nearly blurted out. Although he knows the real reason why Xuan Ling – or should he say Zhao Xihe – stepped onto the Demonic Path, he clings onto the faintest sliver of hope that the female lead is able to placate the male lead and become a happy couple.

“……You are thinking too much,” 5237 states uncomfortably.

Sui Yuan can only bury his head in his hands silently.

Feeling his beloved disciple’s depression, the sect leader pats his shoulder in comfort. He naturally knows Liu Minghui holds sentimental feelings towards Shen Jiayi – he was even willing to sacrifice his life for her safe return! But ultimately, their first priority must always be to benefit the sect. The feelings of a single individual cannot be more important than the future of the sect itself. In this case, Elder Xuan Ling is more important to them than Liu Minghui, and the sect leader is willing to give the former anything to ensure his recovery. This includes sacrificing his beloved disciple’s feelings for Shen Jiayi.

Lifting his head to stare at the temple doors, Sui Yuan feels like he is drowning in misery.

“……What do you plan to do?” 5237 asks after a short moment of quiet. “If – ”

Before it can finish speaking, Shen Jiayi bursts through the doors. The previously determined expression has morphed into a complicated one, clearly showing that she has been put in a rather difficult situation. Her originally pure white robe is now stained with dust and blood, her hair in disarray. Bafflement and fright visible in her wide eyes, she collapses to the floor immediately after stepping in.

“What’s the matter?!” The sect leader exclaims in shock, shooting to his feet and taking two paces forward. He had believed that misfortune can be turned to blessing by sending Shen Jiayi to Xuan Ling, but little did he expect this to happen. This dishevelled appearance undoubtedly means she was chased out. Xuan Ling has fallen to the point that he can even raise his hands towards the person he loves most!

If – if there really is no way to pull Xuan Ling away from this path, then… The sect leader’s heart aches, his face turning pale and defeated.

“Master… Master, he…” Shen Jiayi breath trembles as though she is recalling a terrible memory. Lips trembling for a moment, she visibly suppresses her emotions and lifts her head, looking at the sect leader before shifting her gaze to Sui Yuan, who is standing by his side. “He said the person he wants is not me… It is…Senior Brother Liu…Liu Minghui…”

Sect leader: “……”

Sui Yuan covers his face with both hands again.

Under the strange stares of the people present, Sui Yuan calmly makes his way out of the temple, deeply resenting the fact that this huge pressure bearing down upon him thanks to the plot derailing once more is all courtesy of his pig teammate.

“What will happen next?” Despite his serene face, Sui Yuan’s thoughts are extremely chaotic, and he feels as though he has been transported to another dimension altogether.

Sympathy written all over its face, 5237 stares at Sui Yuan after observing a moment of silence in tribute. “Perhaps you can choose not to save him? Let him be erased by the system, which means you will be rid of a large problem.”

While he may not be fond of Zhao Xihe, he cannot watch him die, especially when he has the ability to save him. Hence, Sui Yuan doesn’t consider this proposal for even one second.

5237 waves a stubby arm in wordless acknowledgement. To it, human lives are like blades of grass, so besides the life of its partner, it doesn’t care for anyone else. Hence why it dares to suggest this route. Still, it knows Sui Yuan’s nature, and understands that no matter what, he cannot bear to see Zhao Xihe being erased.

“In any case, no matter what you will encounter, you are still determined to rescue him, right? Then don’t think too much about it. Let him do whatever he wants to you. He will definitely take the initiative, so just follow along.”

Sui Yuan nods obediently, heart easing a little.

“Also – ” 5237 pauses, then continues solemnly. “You must remember that whatever you two do later, it is all in the name of rescuing him. There is absolutely no other meaning. You must control yourself, or else the one facing extermination may be you.”

Even though he is a little confused by this warning, Sui Yuan doesn’t ask more, simply nodding his head again. From the system’s peculiar tone, he reckons it is something he doesn’t want to fully comprehend.

Harbouring a sliver of nervousness, Sui Yuan enters the cave. However, contrary to his expectations, Xuan Ling doesn’t appear to be suffering at all. In fact, he looks rather idle and carefree.

His blood-soaked clothes have been changed for a new set and his long hair is neatly combed, draped over his shoulders and left to hang freely as he sits upright beside the stone table. A cup of clear tea[2] rests upon the grey, stone surface. If it isn’t for the chains one can see picking out from beneath his snow-white robes and the shimmering arrays spanning the interior of the cave, Sui Yuan would have thought he was merely here to commence closed-door cultivation.

Catching sight of Sui Yuan, Xuan Ling’s face and eyes becomes gentle, the corners of his mouth turning up as he extends a hand towards him.

“……Are you sure he really succumbed to his inner demons?” No matter how one sees it, Xuan Ling seems pretty clear-minded. Hence, Sui Yuan can’t help voicing his doubts towards 5237.

The system remains taciturn, then finally replies tentatively, “This…I am also not too sure. After all, I have never personally witnessed a Righteous Sword Cultivator fall to the Demonic Path before. I have been relying on the resources at hand to guess…”

Seeing Sui Yuan’s hesitation, the faint smile on Xuan Ling’s face ebbs. His gaze turns chilly, a trace of scarlet seeping into his irises. Sui Yuan’s heart jumps in fright and doesn’t dare dither further. Quickly striding forward so he is standing directly in front of the seated man, he places a hand on his outstretched palm. Strong fingers wrap around his hand and tugs, making him fall into Xuan Ling’s lap.

Drawing Sui Yuan close and holding him tight, Xuan Ling buries his face in the curve of his neck, warm breath teasing bare skin as he exhales, “Minghui…”

Sui Yuan stiffens even as 5237 chokes on its non-existent breath. Soaring into the air, the system turns its back on its partner and zooms away. “I reckon I ought to hide for a while. What’s coming next is considered private affairs. I should respect your personal privacy, right?”

Staring blankly at 5237’s rapidly retreating figure, a lump of congealed emotions clog Sui Yuan’s throat. He can’t believe he had been abandoned just like that! At the most crucial moment, 5237 threw him aside to fend for himself! Weren’t they meant to be partners who would never leave each other?! QAQ

“Zhao…Xihe?” With great self-control, Sui Yuan resists the urge to smack the wandering pair of hands away from his body, repeatedly telling himself to keep calm.

“Shhh…” Xuan Ling interrupts him quietly. “Even if I don’t like it either, right now, I am Xuan Ling, and you are Liu Minghui.”

Sui Yuan: “……You haven’t actually succumbed to your inner demons, right? You are actually very clear-headed?”

“What do you think?” Xuan Ling chuckles softly as he pinches Sui Yuan’s chin lightly, pulling his head down so they are face to face.

Seeing the originally black irises now a solid, dull red, bellying a wild glint that yearns to tear everything within sight into shreds, Sui Yuan inwardly promises to be obedient. Following his body’s instincts, he wraps both arms around the other man’s neck.

An inexpressibly pleased feeling surges through Xuan Ling as Sui Yuan presents such a tame side of himself and even takes the initiative to return his touch. Removing the hairpin at the top of Sui Yuan’s head so that his long hair falls enticingly over a shoulder and flows freely down his back, he combs through the soft, dark tresses gently.

Sensing Xuan Ling’s spiritual energy calming down, Sui Yuan breaths a soft sigh of relief. Despite the fact that he feels somewhat awkward, it isn’t as intolerable as he originally thought it would be. After all, didn’t Zhao Xihe frequently touch him this way before in the other worlds?

“Besides me, has anyone else touched you in this way?” Xuan Ling murmurs, leaning down so that his mouth is next to Sui Yuan’s ear.

Although Sui Yuan doesn’t quite understand what Xuan Ling means by “touched in this way”, in his current situation, he sensibly decides to shake his head.

Evidently pleased by Sui Yuan’s reply, Xuan Ling laughs, a hand sliding beneath the collar of Sui Yuan’s robe and lightly kneading soft flesh. “Then, do you know what I want to do to you next?”

Uncertainty swarming his brain, Sui Yuan shakes his head wordlessly.

Subconsciously, he thinks that maybe what Xuan Ling wants to do is what He Lianyu – or perhaps he should say what he wanted to do to He Lianyu that day in Demonic Cultivator’s dwelling. But it’s a pity that Sui Yuan still has much to learn about this activity. During that time, 5237’s lesson was interrupted by Xuan Ling’s violent intrusion, so he had no chance to learn what the next step is after the removal of clothes.

…Nevertheless, it seems he will learn very soon.  →_→

Looking at Sui Yuan’s ignorance and pure confusion mixed with a little unease, the curl of passion stirring in Xuan Ling skyrockets. Even if his system hadn’t protected his mental conscience on time, he didn’t lose all reasoning, for he had numerous revisions done to his psyche over the years of his career. Still, the control he has exerted since the beginning of his berserk state is slowly waning and has all but disappeared as soon as Sui Yuan stepped into this cave. Now, all that’s left behind is his craving to plunder and dominate every inch of this innocent individual.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. I will teach you,” Xuan Ling states softly, then abruptly stands, carrying Sui Yuan over to the bed hidden in the corner. Muscles tense and body stretched taut, Sui Yuan can only allow himself to be manhandled until he lays spread out on the relatively hard surface.

Sui Yuan is currently feeling rather bitter. Without 5237 by his side, he doesn’t have the courage to face and accept what will happen next!

Soon, his robes are pushed open, separated to reveal chest…abdomen…navel. Xuan Ling latches onto his mouth, claiming it in a kiss, tongues dancing, and lips clashing. His hands move down Sui Yuan’s body, following the dip of ribs and hipbones before moving to the firm softness of his behind. Any attempt to struggle out of the taller man’s hold is suppressed without mercy. Along with Xuan Ling’s teasing caresses and gentle pinches, Sui Yuan finds his body gradually heating up, breaths coming out in short pants. The heady sensation slowly overtaking his mind makes it seem as though he has lost all control of his own body.

The organ between his legs starts to harden, making Sui Yuan feel a tad nervous at the novel experience. A numbing tingle spreads, starting from his tailbone and up his spine, rushing towards his brains. His body feels heavier now, movements more sluggish as his heart races faster. His arms can’t help but reach out, encircling Xuan Ling’s body, fingers curling as he clutches desperately at the other man’s back.

By now, Xuan Ling has abandoned his swollen lips and move onwards, pressing open-mouth kisses down the slender column of his neck, leaving vivid red marks behind. He doesn’t stop there, tongue tracing the length of a collarbone, sucking a trail down the pale, slim chest, blemishing the flawless skin.

One hand still placed firmly on Sui Yuan’s rear, the other hand slides to the front, over a warm thigh and down to brush teasingly against his small erection. Feeling strangely excited but frightened at the spike of desire to be touched down there, Sui Yuan can’t help the soft gasp as slender fingers wrap around his length, skilfully stroking it. Assaulted by the sensations coming from his pink nipple being sucked and the warm administrations on his erected organ, the inexperienced Sui Yuan couldn’t hold out for long, surrendering to the haze of pleasure. Strings of milky-white substance shoot forth, staining the front of Xuan Ling’s half-opened robes. Sui Yuan’s back arches up and his mouth is once again sealed off in a domineering kiss. This time, Xuan Ling is more aggressive than before, sucking, stroking and nipping Sui Yuan’s tongue until his mouth goes numb.

He is not so far gone that he is unaware when the hand on his behind eventually moves after staying relatively passive for all this while. A slender finger moves towards the gap between his ass cheeks, stroking once…twice…then a single cold digit slips in. Inch by inch it enters his body slowly, exploring leisurely.

Sui Yuan stiffens and wriggles in discomfort, only for Xuan Ling to distract him with kisses. Gradually, his body relaxes as the initial pain fades, not putting up any more resistance. Breaking away from Xuan Ling’s mouth, Sui Yuan gazes up at the man, watching his movements with faint curiosity.

Feeling his stare, Xuan Ling raises his head, the originally stoic, icy visage thawing significantly. Warm tenderness is etched in every line of his face and fills his dark eyes. “Do you know what I want to do next?”

Sui Yuan shakes his head, his thirst for knowledge mixing with rising bad premonition.

Xuan Ling smiles, lifting Sui Yuan up and arranging their positions so he is slotted neatly between the youth’s soft thighs. With their bodies plastered together, he lets Sui Yuan feel his own hard erection pressing against the slim stomach. Voice thick with lust, he pulls his finger out of Sui Yuan’s hole before thrusting it back in. “I want to put it in here.”

As he says this, the lone finger buried in Sui Yuan’s body curls slightly, indicating where ‘here’ is.

Although he lacks all knowledge when it comes to lovemaking, he is not stupid. With Xuan Ling’s index finger pressed in up to the knuckles and his hard organ nudging against Sui Yuan’s flat stomach, he is able to compare the length and width of these two objects. Even a dumb person will be able to tell how much bigger one is from the other!

After three seconds of solid silence, Sui Yuan’s face abruptly pales. Flipping over with the intention of escaping, his plans are dashed by Xuan Ling, who has already prepared for this reaction. A firm hand presses down on his upper back, pinning Sui Yuan flat on his stomach.

“Your mind is rather quick…” Moulding the front of his body to Sui Yuan’s back, Xuan Ling effectively immobilises the youth. Although his tone is light, the dangerous edge beneath it is very obvious. “Do you know, being taken from behind for your first time will be easier on your body?”

Sui Yuan fists his hands helplessly in the bedsheets, suddenly really wanting to weep…

“I’ve said before, you are mine.”

A growl intertwined with a threatening air makes Sui Yuan shiver. A second finger joins the first, a little more impatient this time, thrusting in and out, twisting and stretching him open. Unused to the intrusion, Sui Yuan writhes at the additional burn. But no matter how much the person beneath him whines in protest, Xuan Ling has long reached his endurance limit.

A third finger is inserted not long after, drawing a startled moan of pain and pleasure. Xuan Ling’s dark eyes flash red. Letting his fingers slip free, his hands wrap tightly around Sui Yuan’s hips, absently admiring the pink flush staining the jade white flesh. Leaning down, he trails more kisses down the arched spin, then presses his erection into the hastily-prepped hole.

At this moment, only one thought remains in Sui Yuan’s nearly incoherent mind. 5237 come back! Help! Me! I really can’t take anymore without you ah… QAQ

But under Xuan Ling’s bruising grip and ‘harsh, intense loving’, even that thought flees as he gasps and shudders in pleasure.


The author has something to say: Don’t blame me for making Sui Yuan lose his virginity so soon. Because I want to let this shameless gong sample a grand feast, then force him to abstain for a period of time. Imagine how much his heart will itch *insert Holy Mother smile*

Why, you ask? Find out in the next world…



[1] Blood Lust stage: I assume it is the equivalent of a Righteous Cultivator in the last level before Ascension.

[2] Clear tea: Tea that has been boiled until the leaves become tasteless, then all dregs are removed, leaving clear water behind.

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